Active Hormonic Filter


In all types of electrical power networks, system perturbation occurs when operating electrical loads. PE harmonic filters help in improving power quality. We refer to network perturbation, when the original “clean” sinus shapes of the voltage or current changes. MULTIMATIC ACTIVE FILTER is a solid-state power converter that brings about the advantages of harmonic currents elimination, improving power quality. These active shunt systems Sense Load Current, Evaluate the high frequency
Investments in harmonic filters generally pay off within 6-24 months. This means that kWh losses are reduced, reactive power costs are decreased, the lifespan of electrical instruments is lengthened and production processes are stabilised.



  • UPS Systems acting with Generator Supply
  • Commercial Centres, Hospitals, Hotels utilizing Computer Systems / other Appliances
  • Battery Charging Units
  • Compensation of Printing Machines
  • Extruders in Plastic Industries
  • Punches in Pharmaceutical Industry

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  • Significantly reduced Voltage Waveform Distortion
  • Reduced Voltage Drops on Transformers and Cables
  • Reduced Temperature rise on Transformers and Cables
  • No risk of harmonic Resonance / Improved Power Factor

Target problems:

Sporadic upsets and defects in electronic control systems and devicesSporadic tripping of circuit breakers for no apparent reasonCables – especially transformers and induction motors – get too hotMotor power dropsPower factor correction systems are overloadedInstruments suffer greatly reduced measurement accuracy or fail completelyHarmonic currents flowing into the medium voltage network exceed permissibleThe neutral conductor is overloadedCorrosion of piping and Earthing systems


PE reactor based Passive Harmonic Filters Systems are suitable for suppressing harmonics generated by destructive loads.

High harmonics can cause.

1.Increased System Losses, High Frequency Currents, Malfunction of relays and circuit breakers, Fuse Operation, Capacitor failures, Motor and Transformer Overheating.
2.Maintains healthy power factor where V-THD & I-THD level is above IEEE / IEC Guidelines.

Classification and Selection:

The Harmonic Filter Systems are classified depending on the tuning frequency of the filter reactor & capacitor circuit and the selection of harmonic filter type depends on the level & order of harmonics present in the distribution network

Salient features

Microprocessor based power factor controller with special features, four quadrant measurements
Accuracy of +0.8% for Reactive Power, + 0.5% for Current, 6 or 12 steps to operate Capacitor-Reactor Circuits.
Precise and quick relay controls
Continuous monitoring of defective capacitor stages
Counting, Storing and Display of number of switching operation
Alarm for excess operation than programmed limits.
Dual control curve characteristics: to avoid over compensation under light loads and to avoid inductive reactive power under regenerative conditions.
Monitoring of harmonic levels continuously with alarm and safety trip facility.
Zero voltage & Zero current tripping with alarm signals.
Manual/Automatic operation with ability to switch each individual capacitor

Parameters Measured and Displayed

Reactive Power
Power Factor
System Protection by Incoming Moulded Case Circuit Breaker selected with tripping characteristics for the Individual Capacitor Reactor Circuit as well as multi bank parallel switching characteristics
Feeder Protection by MCB having tuned tripping characteristics to ensure avoidance of any inadvertent tripping by inrush current of the capacitorsFilter Duty Contactors enables the switching of different stages of the Filter System for varying loads.Capacitor Switching Thyristor Module is used when the requirement is of high speed reactive Power Compensation for highly fluctuating loads.Capacitors of Cylindrical, Dry Type, and Segmented Metallised Polypropylene Construction with patented Spring loaded Terminals and Overpressure Disconnector safety features present in the Distribution Network.

Super Heavy Duty capacitors:

Over Current Withstand Capability – Min. 1.8 times IN at rated Voltage permanently & Min. 250 times IN during short peak currents
Wattage Loss – 0.2 Watt/KVAR at Capacitor Coils and 0.5 Watts/KVAR at Terminals including Discharge Resistors
Temperature Withstand Capability – –40°C to + 60°C.
Voltage – 480V/525V
Application – Tuned/ Detuned.

Harmonic Filter Reactors with low loss Iron Core Design:

Design – Iron Core Design
Ambient Temperature – 60º C, maximum ambient temperature
Insulation Class – F
Linearity – 1.75 x IN at reduction of the Inductivity
IN – Current from QLC without harmonic load
ITH = 1.22 x IN – Max. Permissible effective value of the current considering 10% over voltage and the permissible harmonic currents


The Alarm Signal is initiated for abnormalities in the System. The alarm can be Accepted & Re-set by pressing of Manual / Reset Push button.
Alarms Indicated
Power factor Alarm – “U=0” Alarm
Harmonic Alarm – “C=0” Alarm
Over-current Alarm – “I=0” Alarm


No failures due to Harmonic Overloading – Lowered heating in induction motors and improved performance by reduction of harmonic torques
Reduced losses in the distribution system and motor loads – Shielding of sensitive electronic control equipment
Avoidance of harmful resonance/amplification of harmonics – Avoidance of failure of Power Factor Correction unchoked capacitors due to excessive harmonic overheating

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