PE has set up an effective and fully functional service network across the country. A network backed by specially trained and an experienced team of professionals, fully geared to support effectively our customer needs. Services are available at all stages, right from installation to commissioning and for day to day operations.

  • Annual maintenance contract
  • Warranty repair
  • Out of warranty repairs
  • Factory parts
  • Extended warranties
  • Technical assistance / Feed Back
  • Operating Assistance

The purpose of Uninterruptible Power Supplies is to feed the important data systems, variety of software and hardware devices. If the power supplied by the system is interrupted in any manner that causes a complete loss of time and money. Regular and prompt technical service and maintenance is very precious for your systems.

Periodic maintenance is the most important factor to be considered  for that the systems can serve accurately  and long system  life , even though  Uninterruptible Power Supplies are designed to work 7 days/24 hours . Required maintenances should be done on time and with the manufacturer's authorized replacement parts and by trained personnel, to serve you for years. During the periodic inspections and maintenance, wearing parts and the expired items (batteries, fans, contactors, etc.) can be replaced without causing of a malfunction and so interruptions can be minimized when supplying critical loads.

PE Uninterruptible Power Supplies are installed by our experienced and professional team. Technical service team consists of engineers and technicians who are regularly trained at the factory equipped with current information.   

All systems are under two-year system warranty and 10-year spare parts guarantee and we are at your service for 7 days 24 hours in 7 regions of India

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